Xtreme Coatings

Abrasion Resistance
DataCoating/Alloy   Chemical Composition   Application Process   Average Hardness    Volume Loss mm³
DPH 300g Est.Rc

XC1000   88% Wc 12% Co   HVOF   1100   68-71   3.0
XC1000   83% Wc 17% Co HVOF 1000 67-70 4.7XC4000 75% Cr2C3 25% NiCr HVOF 650 62-64 3.2
XC6000 50% NiCrB 50% Wc HVOF 750 64 5.9XC7000 Nickel-Cr-Boron HVOF 60 11
XC8000 Co-Cr-W HVOF 57 18
Stellite 6 Co-Cr-W TIG Actual 40 64
Stellite 12 Co-Cr-W TIG Actual 47 57
Stellite 1 Co-Cr-W TIG Actual 54 52
56 Nickel-Cr-Boron TIG Actual 49 15
D2 Tool Steel WROUGHT 60 12
316 Stainless Steel TIG N/A 83
"C" Nickel-Cr-Mo TIG 16 105

The Coatings
Type Rc Descriptions
XC1000 68-70 A composition of Cobalt saturated with 80-90% Sub-Micron sized Tungsten Carbide with a particulate hardness average of Rc 82, providing ultimate abrasion resistance.
XC2000 70-74 An Oxide of Chromium combined with an Oxide of Silicon providing extreme abrasion resistance and hardness.
XC3000 65 An Oxide of Aluminum producing very hard, dense, and smooth coatings. Resists very fine particulate abrasion. Corrosion resistant.
XC4000 55-65 A composition of Nickel, Chromium, and Chromium Carbide producing an abrasion resistant. Coating with extreme corrosion resistance and excellent ductility, relative to hardness.
XC5000 60 A proprietary composition of Molybdenum and Tungsten Carbide producing unique antigalling and abrasion resistance.
XC6000 55-60 A Nickel-Chrome-Boron alloy system combined with 50-60% Tungsten Carbide providing extreme abrasion and corrosion resistance.
XC7000 60 A Nickel-Chrome-Boron alloy system similar to "56" only much more abrasion resistant.
XC8000 58 A Cobalt base alloy system similar to Stellite 12, only much more abrasion resistant.
XC-RD 75-80 Tungsten Carbide / Cobalt; A Unique sub-micron manufacturing process providing improved wear resistance over the traditional Wc/Co coating.